Culture of fibroblasts for plastic surgery ||
Transplantation of autologous fibroblasts: description of the procedure


First surgical procedure: Skin biopsy
Location: behind the ear
Dimension: 1 cylinder of 3 mm in diameter
Transport: in sterile medium provided by the laboratory

Subsequent procedures:
Frequency of the injections: it will depend on the number and size of the defect to treat.
The number of the injections which are performed in intervals of 2 weeks is variable.

Transport of the cells: 15 minutes before the injection, the cell suspension is taken out of the transport-box to reach room temperature, all under strict sterile conditiones.

Injection of the cells: via insulin syringe with a 27 G needle.

Basic principles ||

The culture of autologous fibroblasts represents an important advancement as a repair system for the skin.
The use of fibroblasts, cells which produce collagen type I, is one of the treatments of major endurance available at the moment to reduce facial, nasolabial and perioral lines, subcutaneous atrophy, as well as secondary irregularities caused by acne and scars.
The injection of cultured fibroblasts into the area of treatment causes the production of new collagen and gives consequently natural elasticity and skin volume and provides a physiologic material for the long term and complete repair of skin.
In the year 2000 a total of 1,450 patients in the USA and Europe were treated in specialized centres.These procedures included a total of 4,800 applied injections.
The report from two university centers: the Dentistry of New Jersey and the Hackensack University Medical Center described the results in 94 patients who were treated between the years 1995 and 1999 with long-term follow-up which ranged from 36 to 48 months. The results showed that 92% of the patients were satisfied with the reconstruction and the long term monitoring revealed continuous improvement.

Therefore, it is proposed that the culture of autologous fibroblasts represents a valid and modern alternative for the definitive and physiological correction of dermal lesions.

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